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Chasing Magic; Living the Dream

Chasing Magic by Bill Pitts is a first hand autobiography and journey of one man's efforts to rekindle the thrill and excitement from the Golden Age of drag racing.

"Chasing Magic is a thrilling autobiography capturing Bill Pitts’ efforts to pay homage to his heroes and get the flames cackling again. He purchased a forgotten front engine dragster and brought it back to its original glory. Little did he know that this wonderful adventure would not only kickstart a new movement in the sport, but also help him to meet and become friends with his heroes." - Amazon

The Final Score

This book scores 10 out of 5 stars and 2 thumbs way up! Bill does his best to capture the thrill of the build and the adventures of debuting the car at the California Hot Rod Reunion event. Bill is a treasure of a man and one heck of a racing enthusiast. His passion for the history, cars, and people that made drag racings golden age shines through in this book and every conversation you have with him in person.

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