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Vintage Petroliana for sale

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Collecting vintage petroliana or gasoline station memorabilia, is a highly nuanced area of collectability. The collector value and price for these items fluctuates greatly based on the size and condition of the oil can or sign. If signs or cans date before WWII they are extremely collectable. The smaller the oil can, the higher the value. If the cans are perfect and without defects, they can sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Some highly popular and highly sought after brands are Valvoline, Gargoyle, Veedol, and Castrol to name a few. More rare brands that went out of business during or after WWII can catch a high price tag at auction. Brands like Aero Eastern Oil Company, White Rose, and Victory oil are harder to find and often are not in great shape.

Finding an oil can or grease tin that still has product or is completely unopened is becoming harder and harder as the years go by. If you are lucky enough to come across one of these 'unicorns' in the wild of life, treasure it and do what you can to prevent any further dings or damages. You never know, you could have a collectors dream in your hands and can retire on the sale of your can at auction!

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